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SharePoint References Tab


The SharePoint references tab extends the 'Add Reference' dialog within Visual Studio 2010.

Picture of the Add Reference tab displaying the new SharePoint reference tab

The available references are:

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

  • Microsoft.SharePoint
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Search
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Security

Microsoft SharePoint Client

  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime

Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • Microsoft.Office.Server
  • Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement
  • Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.Udf
  • Microsoft.Office.Policy
  • Microsoft.Office.Server.Search
  • Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles
  • Microsoft.Office.Word.Server
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy

How To:

  • Highlight the project you wish to add a SharePoint reference to.
  • Right mouse on the project name.
  • From the conext menu select the 'Add Reference...' menu option.
  • The 'Add Reference' dialog is displayed, from the top tabs select the 'SharePoint' tab.
  • Select the required SharePoint namespaces and click the 'Ok' button.
  • Those assemblies are now referenced for the project.

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