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Community Kit for SharePoint Development Tools Edition

The CKSDev Team

Wes Hackett

Wes has been working with SharePoint for over two years building Web Content Management systems and corporate intranet portals with MOSS 2007. He has previously created a SharePoint development Guidance Package based on the Patterns and Practices Guidance Extensions.

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Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek is a current SharePoint Server MVP working with Mavention. He is specialized in designing and developing Web Content Management solutions on the SharePoint platform and is passionate about increasing the developer productivity.

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Wictor Wilén

Wictor Wilén is a SharePoint MVP working at Connecta as a SharePoint solutions architect. He has worked with SharePoint since the dark ages back in 2001. Wictor is highly involved in the SharePoint community and has written a book about SharePoint 2010 Web Parts.

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Todd Bleeker

Todd can most frequently be found teaching SharePoint developers the best ways to leverage SharePoint to meet business needs in cities all over the world. As a SharePoint Foundation MVP, Todd is also frequent speaker at key conferences like: Microsoft TechEd (US, EMEA, China, Austrailia, New Zealand), the SharePoint Conference, and the SharePoint Best Practices Conference as well as User Groups and SharePoint Saturdays all over the United States. Todd has authored or co-authored seven books including the Developer's Guide to Windows SharePoint Services (with three more on the way) on Microsoft's integrated suite of SharePoint Products and Technologies.

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Former CKSDev Team contributors

Matt Smith

Matt is a former SharePoint Server MVP who has previously worked on the final version of Microsoft's Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint (VSeWSS 1.3), adding such functionality as Quick Deploy and Deployment Conflict Resolution. Matt is passionate about all things SharePoint, but focuses primarily in the dev and customisation space with a specific interest in developer process and productivity improvement.

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Wouter van Vugt

Wouter is a current VSTO MVP.

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Jeremy Thake

Jeremy is a SharePoint MVP and has worked with SharePoint since SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 came out in the wild and hasn't looked back. He founded the community site in December 2008 and helped build SPSource with @richfinn for SharePoint 2007 Developers.

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Carsten Keutmann

Carsten is an independent consultant specialized in Microsoft SharePoint. Primarily working with architecture, development and general consulting. Carsten has released several well recognised Sharepoint tools WSPBuilder and SharePoint Manager.

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